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Special Interests:

new40x20 NASA spacecraft Insight is sending pictures from planet Mars!
Amazing picture from Hawaii.
Green year around is better. In between the property corners I have planted Lilly Stevens Holly.
Thanks to Forest Farm Nursery, Williams, Oregon, I now have a source of Golden Chinquapin!
LED light explained.
Direct Fuel Cell plants generate tremendous amounts of clean power.
Palo Verde, Arizona, Nuclear Plant!
The USA is a 300 year old democratic "Republic". That means the government is mandated to "protect the country and it’s citizens". It also means that it’s citizens can control the governments size and business with their vote. Vote, vote, you must cast your "Buck Stops Here" vote! You are much better off if you take care of yourself, by yourself!

May all your shots land where you intended. tennis

Web Pages

In 2005 I began looking for an alternative to the so called "free space" web page offerings. I was looking for a "cyber home" that provided unrestricted access to every square inch of a page. That freedom was not hard to find. DrakNet, a full service internet provider, offered tons of space, and the means to purchase, register and protect a "domain" name. Their powerful software makes it easy to upload, download and manipulate the file system. This is fun stuff.

Early on, unreliable and untimely stringings led me to owning the problem. In 2005 I purchased the Silent Partner e-stringer. It has proved to be a sturdy, well built piece of equipment. stringer The racquet head is 100% accessible and can be rotated 360 degrees. There is two string grips for even tensioning and the electronic tensioner makes it easy to handle changes as needed. I purchased two Wilson Pro Staff 90’s so I could experiment and/or always have a spare when a string breaks. I keep returning to Technifibre's NRG2-17 string.

* * * Recent Free Countries * * *

Myanmar and Taiwan have won the right to hold free elections. Both countries elected educated women to lead their countries. Their people want to be responsible for their own fate, so they are organizing as "democratic republics", like the USA. There is plenty of democratic countries, but republics give the people the ability to vote. China, of course, still claims ownership of Taiwan. We'll see how that works out. Thailand’s recent attempt at ousting the good ole boys, failed.

I was born in the USA. After visiting SE Asia in 2014, I think I understand the fear in changing ones government from a democracy to a democratic republic. Remember though, "the USA is the youngest, and has become the most powerful country on this planet". Attract and unleash talented people!

* * * Three Problem Trees * * *

Trees were encroaching overhead wiring, access and concrete structures on this property.

Tree number one was a big Cottonwood. Located on the south side of the house, it's shade kept the slab cool, provided a ton of mulch material in the fall, but the roots have cracked the slab. The limb on the slab had grown to within ten feet of the house. Unlike trees two and three, I did not need any help falling this one.

Tree number two: On the right is an Elm that is leaning towards the power lines and has limbs over the lines. It also has roots under the slab and rot showing along on the tree stem. Saturday morning my neighbor brought eighty feet of cable, a chain saw and his wife. In order to remove this tree without hitting the power lines, we connected the cable between Kubota and the tree. As he made the fall cut I provided just enough pull to guide the tree towards me. Everything went as planned.

Tree number three: This Elm leaned back and one limb was bumping the cedar shakes. Again, as Rex made the fall cuts I used Kubota to pull the tree away from the house. Located on the SW corner of the house I was remorse about losing the shade, but the tree presented more problems than benefits. Everything went as planned. Look


* * * Green Year-Round Is Better * * *

I do not like deciduous, naked in the winter, hardwoods. In zone six there is evergreen hardwood options: Southern Magnolia, Pacific Madrone, Marina (Strawberry tree), Monkey Puzzle, Joshua, Golden Chinquapin and Windmill palm. I am planting Southern Magnolia, Strawberry Tree, Pacific Madrone and Golden Chinquapin and Windmill Palm through out this four acres. The Monkey Puzzle and the Joshua will be particular where they grow here. Where possible, I am removing any deciduous hardwood that crowds the evergreen favorites.

* * * Founding Fathers * * *

The smart people that authored our Bill of Rights and Constitution advised us to "Use As Little Government As Possible". Early on Mr. Trump pointed out that the federal government has a means to bypass the will of the electorate! We must not allow any government to rule the electorate. Government’s job is to enforce the will of the electorate. The electorates job is the hiring and firing of elected officials.

The electorate has nurtured the federal swamp. The private sector is supposed to keep government in line with their vote. "Government by the people and for the people" requires your vote. Keep it fresh, hire and fire. It appears that this mess has finally sparked a "wake up". A healthy, honest government is by design, the responsibility of the electorate! Vote, Vote, Vote!

Australia is close, but like no other, a republic challenges and offers ownership. This country has gone from wandering covered wagons to everyday use of GPS, and recycling rockets. NASA let the rockets burn up. The private sector delivers supplies to satellites, then returns the rocket for another trip! Vote!

* * * Weather Wall * * *

I have ask Mr. Trump to build a weather wall. Every winter the USA gets slammed by cold Canadian air sags. Let's put a stop to this rude behavior. Contact Trump: Mr. Don. I haven't heard back from him.

* * * LED, Light Emitting Diode * * *

new40x20Light emitting diodes, semiconductor light sources, have found their way into nurseries and our homes. Their light has revolutionized the nursery business and thoroughly confused the domestic user. The amount of light, 100 watt, 200 watt etc, is the same, but ‘most importantly’ the true "white" of our sun can now be precisely replicated by LED's. Now if a consumer wants a true white sun light to be provided by a LED bulb or system, you look for a number between 4600K and 6500K on the package. The term "daylight" is also used. Use the following link for a visual explaination.

Growers are loving these devices because they can now provide the white light of our sun, moisture, temperature and soils that can maximize growth through out the year.

* * * Some HVAC Stuff * * *

Typical HVAC is a power hungry process that is being challenged by a retired HVAC system. New controls technology is being used to re-introduce the "absorption" chiller. Absorption chillers do not use power hungry "compressors". In 2006 the University of Southern California, Northridge installed a 2000 Ton Absorption Chiller/Fuel Cell combination on its campus. Check this out: 2000 Ton Absorption Chiller. Google, Yahoo, Qualcomm and many others are using numerous other ways to utilize solar power and capture heat to reduce expensive power bills.

On the right is a Mitsubishi Mini Split "Eco System". The system utilizes smart motor speed and fan design to silently provide your HVAC. It will cut your HVAC power consumption in half, and you won't hear it doing it! I did not know these systems existed until Naran and I visited Thailand.

The picture on the right is the cooling unit of a 2.5 ton Mitsubishi Mini Split system that I installed in the apartment where I used to live. Cool, crisp air quietly rolls out of the inside unit, and the stone quiet outside unit disposes of the buildings heat without the normal fan roar. evaporator Part of my work in southern California was maintaining HVAC and refrigeration equipment. When I returned to the states I installed the unit shown below in my apartment. I avoided a bunch of work by mounting the typically outside unit, inside the room. I was able to do this because you can barely hear this unit run. The system slowly applies power to the motors and adjusts speeds as it approaches and maintains the desired room temperature. Typical hvac systems start and run the compressor and fan motors at top speeds continuously. This typically draws 15-20 amps of power all the time. The Mini Split "Eco Systems" matches motor speed to the desired room temperature. This unit never drew more than 6 amps on start up, and it maintained the apartment temperature using 2.5 amp! You can barely hear these units run and conditioned air does not blow into the room. Here is a number of outside units at a hotel in Bangkok, Thailand.

* * * Understand & Embrace This * * *


Robots Rule: Doubt It - Don't Know It - The Competition Does!
* Bots don't bitch, whine or complain.
* If your not a skilled person - learn one. Fix bots.
* If you are a skilled person - become more skilled. Program bots.
* Find a "professional" recruiter to work with.
* If you don't do it, somebody else will!
* If your company doesn't do it, another company will!
* Nobody owes you: Earn it, Earn it, Earn it.

* * * Until Others Can Take Care of Themselves * * *

eaglecryThe USA's tremendous resources are continually diverted away from our normal course. Isolationism and minding your own business can be a dangerous way to live. So the USA can develop the innumerable products that benefit civilized people on this planet, how do we help others better help themselves?

* * * * Pres' Geek * * * *


new40x20Early on I wanted to be able to download documents for long term storage. As sites developed online payment capability, receipts became available but some file types were difficult to reopen. Eventually most sites offered the Adobe PDF option but conversion results varied. In Dec 2008 I discovered that Adobe Acrobat Pro would set itself up as a printer option. Selecting print/pdf would instantly provided a reliable, recoverable, digital file that could be downloaded and saved. I created a "Data" folder with subfolders, Amazon, Utilities, Taxes, Photographs, etc, and this thing has grown to gigabyte proportions. A synronization program extends storage to an external device. This slick program runs in the background, sense changes and replicates as directed. History times two everyday!

new40x20My second goal was to learn ‘web speak’ and publish. In 2005 I created my domain,, leased hard drive space, and began publishing without demands on page space. A Small Orange, my service provider, provides smart software for uploading, downloading, editing and enables site use. Fun stuff, year after year.